Mechanical strength and maintenance awareness of stainless steel reactor

- Sep 03, 2018-

Stainless steel reactor in the modern chemical industry, its maintenance is very important, its internal anti-corrosion coating will directly affect its anti-corrosion effect, the reason is very simple, the performance of the coating is affecting the electrode inside the stainless steel reactor Cathodic protection. For this reason, countries around the world attach great importance to it, and in the chemical industry, they have tried various ways to enhance their corrosion resistance.

The anti-corrosion coating film of the stainless steel reactor should have a certain mechanical strength, and it is required to not crack during the use process to ensure the integrity of the coating, so as to achieve the corrosion reduction requirement, and the coating film should also have resistance. The temperature performance, this regulation guarantees that the medium in the stainless steel reactor can reach stable and constant temperature characteristics for a long time. In addition, the coating film should also be continuous and have good adhesion to metals. It should have excellent resistance and chemical stability to the environment and the medium in contact. This is also to make the gas in the stainless steel reactor. An important indicator of safer and more stable storage.

The maintenance of the stainless steel reactor has a certain understanding. Before maintenance, it should be noted that the standards for different types of stainless steel reactor maintenance are also different, so it is necessary to clarify the classification of the stainless steel reactor and then talk about maintenance. The stainless steel reactor requires simple operation, light structure and easy access. It is the most widely used experimental instrument in the laboratory for high pressure experiments.