Matters need to pay attention to in MVR evaporator selection and multi effect evaporation process

- Jul 18, 2018-

In the process of operation, the MVR evaporator effectively compresses its low temperature steam through its MVR compressor. To a certain extent, the temperature and pressure increase to a certain extent, as well as the enthalpy increases, then it enters the heat exchanger and condenses to make full use of the latent heat of the steam. In addition to start-up, there is no need to generate steam in the whole evaporation process.

In the process of multi effect evaporation of the MVR evaporator, the two steam of one effect of the evaporator can not be used directly as the source heat source, and it can only be used as a secondary or secondary heat source. If the heat source is used as an effective heat source, it must give extra energy and raise its temperature (pressure). The steam jet pump only compresses part of the two steam, while the MVR evaporator can recycle all two steam in the evaporator.

MVR evaporator selection precautions

1. select the type of evaporator according to the properties of the material. For example, choose membrane evaporator or forced circulation evaporator according to whether the material is easy to scale or scar.

2. The type of evaporator is selected effectively according to the initial concentration and processing quantity of the material. If the initial concentration is low and the amount of treatment is large, the multi effect evaporator or MVR evaporator can be selected.

3. Choose the type of evaporator according to the sensitivity of the material to temperature. For heat sensitive materials, membrane evaporator or scraper film evaporator can be selected according to the specific circumstances, or the flow direction of steam and material can be adjusted.