Main functions and characteristics of stirred batch reactor

- Dec 13, 2018-

Stirred batch reactor can be selected for different agitation speeds. Among them, low-speed mixing can be equipped with different types of blades, such as paddle type, anchor type, frame type, coulter type, butterfly type and the like. The dispersing disc or the emulsification head is installed, and the reaction kettle completes the corresponding functions such as stirring, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing. The application industry involves paints, coatings, automotive refinishes, chemicals, and nanomaterials.

The stirred batch reactor is suitable for the treatment of solid-liquid, medium and low viscosity materials. The equipment can meet the requirements of the production line with large output and good stability. The stirring and dispersing equipment for the kettle can realize large-scale and batch industrial production to meet the market demand; the raw materials are automatically matched to solve the product quality and the instability due to manual intervention factors, product quality is stable.

The stirred batch reactor has stable operation and good production safety, and can achieve uniform dispersion of materials and thorough mixing. Suitable industries for kettle mixing include coatings, inks, pharmaceuticals, resins, chemicals, colorants, dyes, foods, detergents, adhesives, cosmetics, surfactants, etc.