Main characteristics, selection and installation and commissioning method of high speed dispersing machine

- Mar 28, 2018-

High-speed dispersing machine by virtue of its own excellent performance has won the trust of many users. First of all, high speed disperser using electromagnetic speed control, frequency conversion and three-speed and other specifications, stable and strong operation, suitable for a variety of viscosity.


In practical application, it can also be designed as hydraulic, mechanical two kinds of take-off and landing form, rotate freely, adapt to various positions. Moreover, the high speed dispersing machine is specially equipped with explosion-proof safety device, so it is very safe to use. For the operator, the operation and maintenance is also very simple. In the actual production, it has the strong production continuous ability, can carry on the fast dispersing and dissolving to the material, the dispersing effect is good, the production efficiency is high, the operation is smooth, the installment is simple.


For different materials viscosity and treatment of different power and model.


Analysis of the main points of high speed dispersing machine selection: From the aspect of application, choosing a suitable high speed dispersing machine is not only related to the efficiency of daily production, but also to the safety and production cost of production operations. Therefore, in the purchase process, we need to combine a number of aspects, comprehensive consideration. The main points to be taken into account are: 1, the first to clear the use of equipment to achieve the desired effect and purpose; 2, to understand the nature of the material in detail, 3, according to the material and then to the Disperser mixer selection; 4, again to determine the operating parameters and structure of the dispersing machine design; 5,


Consider the cost of dispersing equipment at the same time to consider the installation costs.


Introduction to the installation and commissioning of high speed dispersing machine: In the process of installing high speed dispersing machine, it is usually first to strengthen and smooth treatment on the level foundation, then the expansion bolts can be used, and the cable between the electric cabinet and explosion-proof operation box must be connected with explosion-proof requirements. Then in the debugging high-speed dispersing machine, start the lifting switch first, see whether the fluctuation is flexible and reliable. Start stirring switch, rotate speed to medium speed, see if it is stable.