Main advantages and technical characteristics of MVR industrial waste water evaporator

- Mar 12, 2018-

During the operation of the MVR industrial waste water evaporator, the solution is mainly stored in a falling film evaporator and is circulated in the heating pipe by means of a material circulation pump. In the initial stage, the MVR industrial wastewater evaporator uses fresh steam to heat the outside of the tube and heats the solution to boil to produce secondary steam. The secondary steam generated is sucked by the turbo booster fan. After being pressurized, the secondary steam temperature is increased. Heat the heat source into the heating chamber and evaporate.


Under normal operating conditions, MVR industrial waste water evaporators can continue to circulate. At the same time, the evaporated water eventually becomes condensed water, and the secondary steam from the evaporator is compressed by the compressor, the pressure and temperature increase, the heat enthalpy increases, and then it is sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as heating steam. Keeping the feed liquid boiling, the heating steam itself condenses into water.

It can be seen that after using the MVR industrial waste water evaporator, the steam utilization efficiency can be significantly improved, and at the same time, the heat efficiency can be improved, which is a very energy-saving device.

About MVR industrial wastewater evaporator operation advantages analysis:

In general, the MVR industrial waste water evaporator has a compact and rational design that does not require too much space and also eliminates the need for a cooling system. For existing plants that need to expand the evaporation equipment and supply steam, the water supply capacity is insufficient, and the site is not enough, especially where low temperature evaporation requires the chilled water to condense, it can save both investment and good energy saving effect.

About the technical characteristics of MVR industrial wastewater evaporator can be summarized as: 1, low energy consumption, low operating costs; 2, small footprint; 3, public works supporting less, less total project investment; 4, stable operation, high degree of automation; 5 , No need for original steam; 6, MVR industrial waste water evaporator can evaporate below 40 °C without refrigeration equipment, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials.