Lower cost, higher production capacity

- Jan 17, 2018-

Vacuum crystallizer, also known as adiabatic evaporative crystallizer, adiabatically evaporates the hot, saturated solution under vacuum, allowing the solution to supersaturate and crystallize. Can be intermittent operation, but also continuous operation. Vapor jetting is generally used to create and maintain a vacuum, to reach very low temperatures, and to obtain large crystals.

Vacuum crystallizer, also known as evaporative cooling crystallizer, is a modern crystallization equipment. In the vacuum crystallizer carried out in the process of vacuum cooling (adiabatic evaporation) and crystallization of the two processes. Due to the high degree of vacuum, the operating temperature is generally low or near room temperature. Most of the raw material liquid is preheated by the external heater of the device and begins to flash and cool down within the device (ie evaporate and cool down instantly). Therefore, this kind of crystallization equipment has both evaporation effect and refrigeration effect. Solution concentration and cooling at the same time, quickly reached metastable zone. Vacuum crystallizers generally do not have heaters or coolers to prevent the deposition of crystals on the surface of the complex heat exchanger from corrosion of the heat exchangers. Because of their simple structure, the cost is lower and the production capacity is higher.