Industrial vacuum rake dryers are of good quality and low consumption

- Nov 10, 2018-

The industrial vacuum rake dryer has strong adaptability and wide application in operation. To a certain extent, due to the use of jacket heating and high vacuum exhaust, its equipment is suitable for almost all materials with different properties and different states. Adapt to the drying, oxidizing, and drying of paste materials.


The quality of the industrial vacuum rake dryer is good. To a certain extent, due to the continuous rotation of the molars during the drying process, the dried materials are evenly stirred to avoid overheating of the materials, the moisture is easy to escape, and the shells are low temperature products. . Due to the fine size of the product, it can be packaged without pulverization.


The industrial vacuum sputum dryer has a small steam consumption. To a certain extent, it will use steam to pass into the jacket. The main purpose is to use latent heat to heat the material. The amount of steam consumed per kilogram of finished product is small, generally 1.3-1.8. Kg steam. According to the different characteristics and requirements of dry materials, the sealing system of the dryer can be selected from two types: packing seal and mechanical seal. The special design ensures the sealing and service life.