Improve the utilization of raw steam

- Jan 17, 2018-

Evaporator is a very important part of the refrigeration four pieces, the condensate liquid of low temperature through the evaporator, heat exchange with the outside air, gasification heat absorption, to achieve the cooling effect.

Evaporator mainly by the heating chamber and evaporation chamber of two parts. Heating chamber to the liquid to provide heat required for evaporation, to promote liquid boiling vaporization; vaporization chamber so that the gas-liquid two-phase separation.

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In industrial production, the evaporation of large amounts of water must consume large amounts of heated steam. To reduce heating steam consumption, multi-effect evaporation can be used. Multi-effect evaporation of post-operating pressure required and the boiling point of the solution are less effective than the former, it can be introduced as a secondary effect of the former after the steam as a heating medium, that is, after the effect of the heating chamber to become effective twice Steam condenser, only the first effect need to consume raw steam, which is the principle of multi-effect evaporation operation, the effectiveness of the general multi-effect evaporation device or after a few effects are always operating under vacuum. Since each effect (except the last effect) of the secondary steam as the next effect evaporator heating steam, it improves the utilization of raw steam, that is, economy. If the amount of water evaporated in the single-effect or multi-effect evaporators is equal, the amount of raw steam required by the former is much greater than the latter.