Important parts of U-tube heat exchanger and applicable materials

- Sep 21, 2018-

The U-tube heat exchanger belongs to the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. It is the same as the ordinary shell-and-tube heat exchanger on the basic components, and has the tube plate, the shell and the tube bundle.


U-tube heat exchangers are suitable materials for high-temperature and high-pressure materials that are easy to clean and difficult to scale, as well as some corrosive materials. Moreover, the heat exchanger has relatively simple scale and relatively strong pressure bearing capacity, so it is especially suitable for the above materials.


Important parts of U-tube heat exchanger

1: tube bundle

A bundle of U-tube heat exchangers, which is a combination of tubes, baffle elements, tube sheets, tie rods, and spacer tubes, and the baffle elements may be baffles, baffles or Folding fence, etc., and a certain distance from the tie rod and the distance tube. In addition, the tube bundle should not be too heavy, so as not to affect the maintenance work, and can not fill the entire casing, there should be a proper gap between the casing and the casing.


2: tube sheet

This part uses more round flat plates. After the drilling, the heat exchange tubes are arranged to withstand the tube and shell pressure and separate the fluid in the tube and shell. In addition, the cost of the tube sheet will affect the cost of the heat exchanger, and the safety of the tube sheet is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the heat exchanger.


3: tube box

If the diameter of the casing is large, a pipe box structure is adopted, which is at both ends of the heat exchanger, and the fluid is evenly distributed into the heat exchange tubes and the fluids in the tubes are collected and sent out to the heat exchanger. If it is a multi-tube case, it also plays a role in changing the direction of fluid flow. Its basic type is the head type and the barrel type.


Tube-plate connection in U-tube heat exchanger

In the U-tube heat exchanger, the tube sheet is an important component, and the components that need to be connected to the component are the shell, the tube box and the tube. The connection between the tube plate and the casing is detachable and non-detachable. The non-detachable type is to directly weld the casing and the tube plate together.