How to choose stainless steel reactor in the case of sealing

- Jan 24, 2019-

How to choose the right seal form

1. First of all, we must clarify the basis for sealing selection: the first is the working pressure in the kettle, and the second is the nature of the working materials. Another is the operating temperature of the device.

2. Secondly, the type of seal used in stainless steel reactors is clearly defined: the seals used in reactors are commonly referred to as shaft seals. The first is packing seals, the second is mechanical seals, and the mechanical seals are divided into single-machine seals (ie, single End face mechanical seal) and double machine seal (ie double mechanical seal), single machine seal complete set also includes water jacket, double machine seal is more complicated, water removal jacket (must have circulating cooling water), also includes supporting bracket , balance tanks, etc.

3. How to choose the right seal: Under normal temperature and pressure, the material is not volatile, it is not easy to burn and explode. Under the conditions of use, it is necessary to choose packing seal; when the pressure is less than 4 kg, the material is volatile and flammable and explosive. Under the conditions of use, it is necessary to choose a single machine seal; in the use of working pressures of more than 4 kg (but less than 10 kg), the material is volatile and flammable and explosive, you must choose a double machine seal.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of various seals: Packing seals are the cheapest, but only suitable for the most common conditions and materials; single-machine seals are moderately priced and can be used under most conditions of use; double-machine seals are the most expensive, but harsh Must be used under working conditions.

5. According to your specific conditions of use is the most important: if you use a packing seal or a single machine seal to select a double machine seal, it will cause unnecessary waste of price; if you must choose a double machine seal In the case of packing seal or single machine seal, it will leave serious hidden dangers for future production safety and economic benefits. Therefore, it is particularly important to select a suitable sealing form according to the conditions of use, and to determine a suitable sealing form, which can ensure that the conditions of use are satisfied and unnecessary waste is avoided.