High speed dispersing machine

- May 21, 2018-

Installation, commissioning and operation procedure of high speed dispersing machine To reasonably use a high-speed disperser, the first step is to complete the installation. In the installation of the equipment, the first to lay a good level of foundation, and then the level based on the expansion of the bolt can be played.


Remember, if the user has explosion-proof requirements, the installation of high-speed dispersing machine, you also need to pay attention to the specification of electrical cabinets and explosion-proof operation box between the cable. After the installation is complete, it should be debugged in time. In the commissioning, the first should start high-speed dispersing machine lifting switch to see whether the fluctuation is flexible and reliable. Then the stirring switch should be started and the speed will be adjusted to the medium speed to confirm whether it can run stably. In the case of the confirmation of no exception, the party can be put into use.


So in practical applications, how to operate it? Below we briefly explain to you about the high-speed dispersion machine operating procedures. First, before opening the equipment, the staff need to check whether the oil level is raised to the specified position, low should be added to the specified oil level, high should be placed to the specified position. At the same time also pay attention to check v tightness is appropriate, and to adjust. Then use the hand disk to move the impeller should be flexible rotation, no friction sound. Check and ensure all fasteners are well fastened, no loose and other abnormal problems.


And all sealing parts are good, no leakage phenomenon. After the operation is completed, the field operators also need to open the main motor of high speed dispersing machine, at this time should pay attention to whether the rotation of the mixer and the direction of the equipment prescribed by the same. Verify that the above check is correct before you can drive.


When driving to pay attention, the impeller placed in the center of the Dispersing machine container, press down button, down to the lowest position or required position, remember, two handle must be locked before driving. In the process of operating high-speed disperser, it is necessary to check the current situation, if there is overload operation, be sure to shut down and check the cause in time, take measures and then continue to operate the dispersing machine. After the work is completed, first stop the main motor, so that the impeller all stop turning.

Then open the high speed dispersing machine up button, the spindle impeller up to the container, cleaning impeller.