Heat transfer device with high thermal conductivity

- Jan 17, 2018-

Heat pipe heat pipe heat transfer unit is a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger, which is composed of shell, heat pipes and partitions. Heat pipe as the main heat transfer element, is a heat transfer device with high thermal conductivity. It is a vacuum container, the basic components of the shell, wick and working fluid. After the shell is evacuated and filled with the right amount of working fluid, the shell is sealed to form a heat pipe. When the heat source heats one end of the working fluid, the working fluid absorbs heat from the heat source to evaporate and vaporize. The latent heat steam is transferred to the other end of the housing at high speed by the pressure difference and releases the latent heat to the cold source to condense, and the condensate returns to Hot end, boiling again vaporized. So repeated cycles, the heat is continuously transmitted from the hot end to the cold end.

Heat pipe by condensate circulation is divided into suction wick heat pipe, gravity heat pipe and centrifugal heat pipe three. The condensate of the liquid-absorbent core heat pipe returns to the hot end according to the function of the capillary tube. This heat pipe can work under the condition of weightlessness. The condensate of the gravity heat pipe relies on gravity flow back to the hot end, and its heat transfer has unidirectional, Centrifugal vertical centrifugal heat pipe is placed so that the condensate back to the hot end, usually for the cooling of rotating parts.

The heat transfer characteristics of the heat pipe is that the heat transfer in the heat pipe is carried out in three steps by boiling vaporization, steam flow and steam condensation. Since both the boiling and condensing convection heat transfer strength are great and the steam flow resistance loss is small, the heat pipe ends The temperature difference can be very small, that is, in a small temperature difference under the transmission of large heat flux. Therefore, it is especially suitable for low temperature difference heat transfer and some isotherm requirements higher occasions. Heat pipe heat exchanger has the advantages of simple structure, long service life, reliable operation, wide application range and the like, and can be used for the heat exchange process between gas, gas, gas, liquid and liquid.