Function, characteristic and composition of multifunctional reaction kettle

- Mar 30, 2018-

The application of multifunctional reactor is more and more extensive, especially in the field of chemical industry. At the same time, with the production technology updated and improved, people for the use of production equipment more and more stringent requirements.


For multifunctional reactors, the program control now adopted can not only guarantee the stability of production, improve product quality, increase income, but also eliminate environmental pollution.


Secondly, in order to improve the production efficiency, reduce the quality error between mass production, at the same time, in order to reduce the cost, the large volume has become the effective way and development trend of multifunctional reactor production. In different work occasions, the need to choose a different multi-functional reaction kettle, its material mainly includes two kinds of stainless steel and carbon steel. Its jacket, inner barrel for atmospheric pressure process design, reasonable structure, durable, and has high temperature, corrosion resistance, easy to use and so on.


So far, the equipment not only in the chemical field has been widely used, but also widely used in petroleum, rubber, food, scientific research and other industries. In these different areas, multifunctional reactors are mainly used to complete differentiation, polymerization, condensation and other processes, as well as organic dyes and intermediates, and many other processes. Its main components are: Pot body, pot lid, blender, heating jacket, support and transmission devices, shaft seals and other components.


One of the pot body, pot lid, blender, shaft seals are used Icr18ni9ti stainless steel production.

In practical applications, due to the production process, operating conditions are not the same, so for multi-functional reaction kettle cover technology openings, stirring type (there is paddle, anchor, frame, spiral, etc.), supporting type (suspension or support), as well as multi-functional reactor packing and sealing devices have different requirements.