Form requirements and crystallization process of DTB crystallizer

- Sep 10, 2018-

During the crystallization process of the DTB crystallizer, the supersaturation of the solution, the uniformity of the material temperature, and the decisive factors affecting the grain size and appearance of the product during the stirring speed and cooling area, the DTB crystallizer uses a special stirring. Paddle, and the temperature and stirring paddle speed can be adjusted to achieve self-control of the system to meet the crystallization requirements of various materials.

DTB crystallizer is only one form of crystallizer. In fact, all kinds of crystallizers have their own adaptive crystal system. The process control of the crystallization process is more critical than the equipment itself. There are many kinds of structures in the industry. The more commonly used is the DTB crystallizer. The internal diversion barrel is generally made into a variable diameter (lower and thicker) to ensure that the flow velocity at the top of the diversion drum is gentler, forming a uniform supersaturation zone, preventing splashing and mitigating crystallization. The surface of the device is crystallized. This type of crystallizer is divided into two regions by a baffle to achieve its respective function.

The DTB crystallizer performs the actual crystallization process, and the feed is introduced from the bottom of the crystallizer diversion drum, and is crystallized by the stirring action. The diversion bucket is generally placed at the center, and the stirring slurry is installed in the center of the diversion bucket. Some of the motors are mounted on the upper part, some are installed in the lower part, and are installed on the upper part. When the shaft vibrates, the crystallizer wall is also crystallized, and the bottom of the motor can avoid the above problems.