Filtration washing drying (triple) Reaction Kettle's advantages in production

- Mar 26, 2018-

One of the biggest characteristics of dry (triple) Reactors is efficient and energy saving. This product has a good adaptability to all kinds of materials, especially suitable for filtration of slurry and flammable, explosive, toxic and volatile, easy pollution and other materials processing.

Therefore, the filtration washing drying (triple) reactor is currently in many fields have an absolute application advantage. So, in the practical application, filtration washing drying (triple) reactor What is the advantages of it? First of all, the advantages of the product can be summed up as a stable quality, repeatable good. The volume design of the equipment is relatively large, small investment, a single equipment processing capacity is large. and has a high production intensity, strong production capacity.

For operators, not only simple operation, but also less labor intensity. Secondly, in the process of making use of filtration washing drying (triple) reaction kettle, it is more flexible and convenient for product quality control, and more varieties are produced.

In other words, the use of this equipment production, the addition of different additives can produce different products, this will meet the needs of more users. Third, filtration washing drying (triple) reactor in the actual production is very energy-saving, can effectively reduce power consumption. In other words, in production, can reduce a lot of transportation of electricity generated. In addition, heat loss can be reduced.

In the same reactor, the slurry does not need to be transported, and the reactor itself is insulated, so can save a certain amount of heat to reduce heat loss. Four, the use of filtration washing drying (triple) Reactor can also significantly reduce investment costs. In comparison, the filtration washing drying (triple) reactor can be used as three reactors, itself can save a lot of costs, but also reduce the transmission of pumps, pipelines and other investment,and can reduce labor costs.