Fermentation Tank

- May 18, 2018-

Main use and structural characteristics of fermentation tank As the actual application requirements are different, so in the design of fermentation tank structure will be used in different forms. For example, for anaerobic fermentation (such as the production of alcohol, solvents) fermentation tank structure can be simpler.


For aerobic fermentation, such as the production of antibiotics, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, etc., taking into account its application characteristics, it is necessary to choose a different type. Comparatively speaking, this type of fermentation tank in the structural design is often more complex, more common mechanical stirring type, bubble type and three kinds of lift type.


We should know that dairy products, wine fermentation process is a sterile, pollution-free process, so at this time also need to set up the corresponding aseptic system, to avoid and prevent the pollution of microorganisms in the air, greatly extend the shelf life of the product and the purity of the product, can be specially designed to install sterile respiratory stomata or aseptic positive pressure fermentation system. At the same time, according to the production requirements, also need to select the appropriate specifications of the fermentation tank to ensure that its capacity to meet the requirements of daily use.


So far, the product has been widely used in dairy products, beverages, bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and other industries, tanks with interlayer, insulation layer, heating, cooling, insulation. Therefore, combined with the application of the analysis, in fact, the fermentation tank belongs to a special application to the material for mechanical mixing and fermentation equipment. The device adopts internal circulation method, dispersing and breaking bubbles with stirred oar, it has high dissolved oxygen rate and good mixing effect.


The tank body adopts SUS304 or 316L imported stainless steel, the tank is equipped with automatic spray cleaning head, to ensure the production process in line with GMP requirements. In addition, its structural design is more special, so the fermentation tank realizes the requirement of on-line CIP cleaning and sip sterilization. And in accordance with the requirements of health-level design, structural design is very user-friendly, easy to operate, stable transmission, low noise. At the same time, the good processing quality of the fermentation tank effectively guarantees the reliability and stability of the production process.