Evaporation temperature and start-up requirements for MVR evaporators

- Nov 03, 2018-

MVR evaporator is different from ordinary single-effect falling film or multi-effect falling film evaporator in operation. Generally, its MVR is a single-evaporator, which combines multi-effect falling film evaporator in one body, which will be effective to some extent. According to the concentration of the product required, the partial evaporation is adopted, that is, the product can not reach the required concentration after the first pass of the effect body, and the product passes through the external pipeline of the effect body through the vacuum pump of the lower part of the effect body after leaving the effect body. The upper part of the effect body is drawn again through the effect body, and then the body is repeatedly passed through the effect body to achieve the desired concentration.


The thin tube arranged in the inner part of the MVR evaporator has a product inside, the outside of which is steam, and the product directly flows from top to bottom. The heat-receiving area is formed by a vacuum pump to form a negative pressure in the effect body, thereby lowering the boiling point of the water in the product, thereby achieving concentration, and the product evaporation temperature is about 60 °C.


The MVR evaporator needs a part of steam to preheat when it starts up. After the normal operation, the steam required is greatly reduced. When the fan booster pressurizes the secondary steam, the electric energy is converted into the heat of the steam. The steam required during the operation of the equipment is reduced, and the required power is greatly increased.