Enhance the durability of equipment, prolong the service life of drying equipment

- Jan 17, 2018-

How dryer equipment can be more durable

Equipment is not durable? Many dryer users are always complaining that they are not durable equipment purchased, then what is going on in the end? First of all, in the daily production and processing of dryers, it is inevitable that there will be problems of small friction and small bump. At the same time, with the harsh production environment of dryers, problems tend to occur in the long run. So in the face of such problems, how should we deal with it? Xiao Bian based on the above questions, for everyone to answer. For everyone, reference.

1, the boot is normal, in a production line, there are certainly all kinds of drying equipment, but the characteristics of each machine are not the same, so we love operating the dryer operating procedures can not have the slightest slack, so we During the operation, it is necessary to carry out the idling test first, and ensure that the equipment is in good condition after production and processing, because the program is particularly prone to problems when the program is turned.

2, no matter what kind of dryer, which are equipped with manufacturers operating instructions, we use the dryer, the worker must be proficient in operating the equipment parameters and material requirements, strict control of feed size , Purity, to avoid drying ineffective, damage to the equipment.

3, in the use of equipment for the processing of materials, to calculate the proportion of input material moisture and dryer efficiency, to avoid excessive intake of wet materials, resulting in instability in production. There is also control the amount of material feeding, to prevent substantial feeding, the equipment caused by excessive wear and tear of the situation.

4, when the dryer to complete a unit of processing operations, first of all we have to send someone to do a good job of cleaning equipment, timely check the equipment to the parts for any abnormality, to ensure normal operation of the dryer Nissan, enhance the durability of the equipment, to extend Drying equipment service life.