Electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle has the following advantages

- Mar 06, 2018-

1th, about electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle, because of its production materials are used in stainless steel material, with very good mechanical properties, at the same time in the actual work, can withstand relatively high pressure from the work, at the same time, on the other hand, can withstand the impact of massive solid materials when feeding.

2nd, electric heating stainless steel reactor heat resistance is also relatively good, the actual work, we should pay attention to its working temperature range is relatively wide, the sentence measurement, temperature range is in-196~600℃. And even at a higher temperature, there will be no oxidation of the skin phenomenon, so that, at work, it can be used for direct fire heating.

3rd, as mentioned above, because the electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle is used in the stainless steel material, the material on the adoption, that is, can know about stainless steel reactor with a relatively good corrosion resistance, the actual use of the time, will not appear rust phenomenon.

Next, regarding the electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle's characteristic, it in the use, the heat transfer effect is better than the enamel reaction kettle, heats up and the cooling speed is relatively fast. On this point, in fact, can play a cost-saving role. And in this reaction kettle has good processing performance, according to the process requirements, to make a variety of different shapes and structures of the reaction kettle. For this equipment, the kettle wall is capable of polishing, so that it will not appear hanging material, we carry out cleaning.

Generally speaking, electric heating stainless steel reactor is because of the power of electric heating rods, energy consumption than steam heating reactor, heating speed will be slower than steam heating reactor; However, we should note that steam-heated stainless steel reactors need to be fitted with coal-fired boilers, so that On its basis the investment is slightly larger than that of the electric heating stainless steel reaction kettle.