Drying process of rotary vacuum rake dryer

- Dec 25, 2018-

The rotary vacuum rake dryer can be used to dry different materials. As a new type of drying equipment, during the drying process, the wet material is evaporated by conduction, and the scraper is used to continuously remove the material on the hot surface. The circulation flow is formed in the container, and the water is evaporated and then pumped out by a vacuum pump.

At present, rotary vacuum rake dryers are used in the chemical industry. The drying device indirectly heats the material through the steam jacket and vents under high vacuum, so it is especially suitable for materials which are not resistant to high temperature, easily oxidized at high temperature or materials which are easy to produce powder when dry, and steam which is excluded during drying or the solvent must be recycled to dry the material.

After the material to be dried is added to the inside of the rotary vacuum rake dryer, the teeth are continuously stirred. When the material is in contact with the shell wall, the surface is continuously updated, and the dried material is indirectly heated by steam to vaporize the material. The moisture is removed by the vacuum pump in time. The machine can simultaneously use the interlayer and the molars to heat the heat transfer area and heat efficiency, so that it can obtain higher drying efficiency.