Drying process of industry vacuum rake dryer

- Jan 17, 2019-

The industry vacuum rake dryer adopts a new structural design, and is dried under vacuum condition. The wet material is evaporated by conduction, and the scraper stirrer continuously removes the material on the hot surface and forms a circulating flow in the container. The water is evaporated and pumped out by a vacuum pump. Industry vacuum rake dryer are used more in organic semi-finished products and fuel drying operations in the chemical industry.

Considering its performance characteristics,industry vacuum rake dryer are especially suitable for drying materials that are not resistant to high temperatures, are prone to oxidation at high temperatures, or are prone to powder when dry, such as various fuels, and are excluded during drying. Steam or solvent must be recycled to dry the material.

In the actual operation of the industry vacuum rake dryer, the material to be dried is added from above the casing, and under the stirring of the continuously rotating caries, when the material is in contact with the casing wall, the surface is continuously updated, and the dried material is subjected to steam. Indirect heating, and the material moisture is vaporized, and the vaporized moisture is pumped away by the vacuum pump in time. The machine can simultaneously use the interlayer and the molar heating method, the heat transfer area is larger, and the heat efficiency is higher, so that the drying efficiency is higher.