Dissolution process and flow state of OSLO cooling crystallizer

- Sep 19, 2018-

The bottom of the OSLO cooling crystallizer has a circular arc shape, which can improve the flow state of the liquid in the equipment to a certain extent, and does not form a dead zone. The enlarged section of the upper part of the OSLO cooling crystallizer can cause the salt crystal to settle. Do not participate in the cycle, reducing the chance of secondary nucleation.

The OSLO cooling crystallizer feed liquid is fed from the lower part of the evaporation chamber, and the upper central tube is discharged, which reduces the short-circuit temperature difference loss to some extent, and there is also a particle dissolution process in the process of the liquid rising in the evaporation chamber. The liquid changes from unsaturated to saturated, which can reduce the number of fine crystals, thus ensuring the particle size of the salt.

The upper part of the OSLO cooling crystallizer is provided with a mother liquid discharge pipe, which can not only discharge the Na2SO4 content in the tank, but also discharge some fine salt crystals out of the system to keep the crystal nucleus in the tank relatively stable, which is beneficial to the growth of salt particles. In the design, the method of brushing the liquid in the retainer during each brushing is also considered, and only the heating chamber is brushed, so that the loss of large salt in the crystal tank can be avoided, and the salt can be recovered after the can is produced. Time can also be shortened.