Crystallization mode and application characteristics of DTB Tubular Forced Circulation Crystallizer

- Oct 06, 2018-

DTB tubular forced circulation crystallizer is a general-purpose crystallization equipment that can be continuously produced. It is mainly composed of heat exchanger, crystallization separation chamber, condenser, circulation pipe, circulation pump, crystal slurry pump, vacuum pump, control system, etc. It is used in the production of chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical and other industries as well as the evaporation and crystallization of wastewater from environmental protection industries.


The DTB tubular forced circulation crystallizer is heated by the heater to be heated into the crystallization chamber to evaporate and separate. When the solution reaches the supersaturated state, the crystallization phenomenon occurs. The forced circulation pump is heated in multiple cycles and the crystallization chamber is supersaturated. Immersed on the surface of suspended crystals, the crystal grows gradually. When the amount of crystal reaches a certain concentration, the crystal slurry can be discharged for further treatment.


According to the nature of the liquid, the DTB tubular forced circulation crystallizer is divided into heating evaporation type, partition wall cooling type or vacuum cooling type to meet the needs of various crystallization processes. They all have large production capacity, and the product has a wide particle size distribution, which is about 0.8~4mm, and is suitable for the crystallization of various materials.