Construction and classification of DTB diversion tube baffle crystallizer

- Sep 26, 2018-

The DTB diversion tube baffle crystallizer is a crystal slurry circulating crystallizer. The lower part is connected with an elution column, and a diversion tube and a cylindrical baffle are arranged inside. The hot saturated liquid is continuously added to the circulation tube during operation. The lower part is mixed with the mother liquid with a small crystal in the circulation pipe and pumped to the heater.


The heated solution flows into the DTB draft tube baffle crystallizer near the bottom of the draft tube and is sent to the liquid level along the draft tube by a slowly rotating propeller. The solution is evaporatively cooled on the liquid surface to reach a saturated state, in which part of the solute is deposited on the surface of the suspended particles to grow the crystal. There is also a settling zone at the periphery of the annular baffle.


Large particles settle in the settling zone, while small particles enter the circulation tube with the mother liquor and are dissolved by heat, and the crystals enter the elution column at the bottom of the crystallizer. In order to make the particle size of the crystal product as uniform as possible, a part of the mother liquor from the sedimentation zone is added to the bottom of the elution column, and the small particles are returned to the crystallizer with the liquid flow by the action of hydraulic classification, and the crystal product is discharged from the lower part of the elutriation column.


DTB diversion tube baffle crystallizer can be divided into continuous evaporation crystallization and continuous cooling crystallization according to different material process lines. According to the nature of materials and energy saving, it can be divided into multi-stage flash DTB crystallizer and multi-stage cooling DTB crystallizer, which are applied to different occasions.