Compare the MVR evaporator with the falling film evaporator. And the price together with the development trend of it.

- Jan 31, 2018-

On which kind of the evaporator, the following will be involved. It’s only for MVR evaporator, for us, we need to be familiar with it and know it so as to use it correctly and properly. Then our company will get good economic benefits. So based on this, there will be some introductions for MVR evaporator, as follows,


1. Is there any difference between MVR evaporator and the falling film evaporator?

MVR evaporator, which refers to an evaporator used to reheat the two steam after mechanical compression. And the falling film evaporator, which is a kind of the falling film evaporators, whose flow form of the material is falling film. Therefore, the two kinds of evaporators are not conflict and contradiction, they can be converted to each other through transformation. Therefore, there’s no difference between them.


2.What’s the evaporation technology of MVR evaporator? Is there any difference between the MVR evaporator and the recompression of thermal steam?


The evaporation technology of the MVR evaporator is the recompression of mechanical steam. That means we can use the two steam from the evaporator to compress through the compressor so as to raise the pressure and the  temperature, then the enthalpy will increase. In that condition, it’ll keep the feed liquid boiling, evaporating,concentrating and heating steam, it’ll turn into concentrated water.

The compression of thermal steam, the English abbreviation of it is TVR, that means we can use a part of the two steam and raise the pressure and temperature driven by high pressure steam, then it’ll enter the heating room and we can use it as the heating steam to heat the feed liquid. The other part of the two steam will condensate and discharge through the condenser.

So, in summary, there are some differences between the two evaporation  technology, that’s not equal. The MVR evaporator and the TVR evaporator they represent are also two different evaporators that can't be confused.


3.Is there any related factors of MVR evaporators’ price? And how is the development of it?

There are some related factors of the MVR evaporators’ price. That is the capacity of the MVR evaporator, steam water, equipments’ materials,

the kinds and models of the compressors.


The MVR evaporator is developing so rapidly both at home and abroad in recent years. It becomes more and more popular. Although the original cost will be higher than the cost of traditional evaporators,  it’ll take one or two years to bring back the investment cost. Except that, it has the follow-up  advantages. In short, this kind of the evaporator has a good prospect of the development.