Cleaning requirements and installation specifications for High temperature and pressure reactor

- Oct 16, 2018-

In order to achieve a certain cleaning requirement for the High temperature and pressure reactor, it is first necessary to charge the reaction solvent from the exhaust valve into the kettle, wash away most of the residue, and then inject the water into the kettle for 10 minutes, then the kettle can be opened. Cover and clean the inner wall of the kettle.


When cleaning the High temperature and pressure  reactor, the lid and sampling valve must be cleaned, and at the same time, if there is water in the kettle, the nitrogen is slightly filled. For the reactor that is not used temporarily, it is best to add 70% by volume of clean anhydrous ethanol to the inside, so that the screw can not be tightened, and the high temperature and high pressure reaction kettle can be cleaned before being used for the next time.


After the High temperature and pressure  reactor is installed, check whether the connecting parts and the transmission parts are firm and reliable. The connection pipes, nozzles, seals and the whole machine should be tested for airtightness, and there should be no bubble, dripping, dripping or leakage. The installation shaft is required to be perpendicular to the ground level, and the non-perpendicularity shall not be greater than 1/1000 of the total height of the equipment.


The self-supplied spare parts and safety valves on each process of the High temperature and pressure reactor self must be equipped according to the requirements of the reactor; when it is suitable for chemical and chemical reactions, it is necessary to simultaneously measure the temperature, add inert gas, pressure, PH value, Conductance, an experiment of precise chemical synthesis of redox potentials.