Cleaning requirements and inlet device for high temperature and high pressure reactor

- Sep 04, 2018-

The magnetic transmission device of the high-temperature and high-pressure reaction kettle is applied to the typical innovation of large-scale induction equipment, which can fundamentally solve the leakage problem of the shaft seal which can not be overcome by the sealing of the previous packing and the mechanical seal, without any leakage and pollution, the autoclave After use, it should be cleaned in time to avoid some residues from corroding the autoclave. So, what aspects should you pay attention to when cleaning it?

1. Before the high-pressure reactor opens the console current switch, first adjust the stirring switch and the speed control heating switch to zero.

2. Rinse the inner wall of the autoclave, stir and join the surface with the mother liquor before feeding, and then slowly close the upper cover to avoid hitting the joint.

3. The high temperature and high pressure reaction kettle will charge the reaction agent from the exhaust valve into the high pressure reaction kettle, wash away most of the residue, and then inject the water into the semi-tank for stirring for 10 minutes. At this time, the kettle lid can be opened. The inner wall is cleaned.

4. When the high pressure reactor is cleaned, the lid and sampling valve must be cleaned, and at the same time, if there is water in the kettle, the nitrogen is slightly filled.

5. For the reactor that is not used temporarily, it is best to soak the high-pressure reaction vessel with 70% by volume of clean anhydrous ethanol during the operation, and the screw can be not tightened. After the autoclave is cleaned, it is convenient for the next use.

6. After each reactor reaction is completed, close the hydrogen cylinder main valve, open the outlet valve of the kettle, adjust the pressure in the kettle to about 3 kg, close the outlet valve, open the intake valve, close the intake valve, and open the outlet valve. Adjust the pressure in the kettle to about 3 kg, close the outlet valve until the pressure value of the pressure reducing valve is safe, and remove the air intake device.

The high-pressure reactor is a typical innovation of the magnetic transmission device used in large-scale reaction equipment. It is the most ideal device for chemical reactions under high temperature and high pressure in China, especially the chemical reaction of flammable, explosive and toxic medium. It's unique.