Clean and convenient

- Jan 17, 2018-

Spiral plate heat exchanger used for a long time, because of scaling or some impurities blocking the channel, will make the role of heat transfer down, import and export pressure increases, showing these conditions, the spiral plate heat exchanger to think about cleaning. Spiral plate heat exchanger protection needs to be carried out by a professional company, including spiral plate heat exchanger cleaning, spiral plate heat exchanger repair, spiral plate heat exchanger plate innovation, spiral plate heat exchanger gasket replacement, spiral plate Heat exchanger expansion and so on.

There are two cleaning methods, one is the cycle of cleaning that is through the circulating pump cleaning solution (cleaning fluid can be very good heating effect) into the plate for recycling, this method of cleaning after fouling better. If the plate for the channel is blocked by impurities when it is only open to clean, loose nuts before measuring the size and record the clamping, and then release the diagonal nut, the clamping plate back to the back of the support plate Can be taken out to clean, re-install after the cleaning up (if the sealing pad is damaged you need to replace the new pad), diagonal clamping to the recorded scale can be. The advantage of the first cleaning method is the convenience of cleaning, the disadvantage is that cleaning can not be clean. The second advantage of the cleaning method is that the sheet can be cleaned very cleanly. The downside is that the assembly and disassembly is relatively complicated and may require replacement of the sealing pad.