Briefly introduce the technical features and application range of MVR evaporator

- Mar 01, 2018-

MVR Evaporator is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving evaporation equipment, this MVR evaporator equipment adopted is low temperature and low pressure steam technology and clean energy for energy generation steam, thus, can also be the medium of water directly separated out, that is, the current international advanced evaporation technology, Can directly replace the traditional evaporator upgrading products.


MVR Evaporator Technical characteristics: in itself with low energy consumption and low operating costs of the characteristics, as mentioned above, it uses a small footprint, in terms of its public works less, the total investment is relatively small, with cost-saving characteristics; This device is more stable when running, and the degree of automation will appear higher.


Next, we actually have to pay attention to the actual use of the MVR evaporator, there is no need for the original steam; next, the equipment is often used in the single effect of a short product stay time, the process is simple, practical performance is relatively strong, partial load operation characteristics Excellent; Can evaporate under 40 ℃ and do not need refrigeration equipment, especially suitable for heat sensitive material.


MVR Evaporator application range, the main is that will include evaporation concentration, evaporation crystallization, low-temperature evaporation, and the actual use of the time, we will find that the evaporation of a ton of water, it is likely to require electricity consumption of 23-70 degrees, then that is to achieve evaporation temperature of 17-40 ℃ of low-temperature evaporation, No chilled water system is required.


Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the MVR evaporator of the principle of mechanical vapor compression, the evaporation device itself is relatively compact structure, small footprint, the need for space is also small. The cooling system can be omitted when practical application. Next, we actually have to pay attention to it for the need to expand evaporation equipment for the steam, pay attention to ensure adequate water supply.