Benefits of using a rotary vacuum drum dryer machine

- Dec 20, 2018-

Rotary vacuum drum dryer machine has strong adaptability and wide application range. It has good adaptability to materials with different properties and different states. It is also suitable for the drying of explosive, oxidizable and paste materials. Secondly, the quality of the dried product is good, the material can be prevented from overheating, and the moisture is easy to escape. Since the product has a fine particle size, it can be packaged without pulverization.

At the same time, steam consumption can be effectively reduced during the drying process. The rotary vacuum drum dryer machine uses latent heat to heat the material, and the amount of steam consumed per kilogram of finished product is small. And for the characteristics and requirements of different dry materials, the sealing system of the dryer can choose between packing seal and mechanical seal. The special design guarantees the sealing and service life.

The rotary vacuum drum dryer machine is easy to operate, has low labor intensity and good drying effect. Under the action of centrifugal force, the large water droplets move to the outer wall, and when they hit the outer wall (also the baffle), they accumulate and grow up and separate from the gas. Moreover, the escape loss of the material is effectively prevented, and the environmental conditions on the site are improved.