Application situation and economic benefit of MVR evaporator

- Mar 29, 2018-

MVR Evaporator Energy-saving and efficient performance outstanding, the equipment can fully use the evaporation of two times steam energy, so can reduce the demand for external energy.

The use of MVR evaporator mainly includes:

1, Bio-pharmaceutical and chemical industry in the concentration of waste water crystallization;

2. Concentrated crystallization of various inorganic salts;

3, some drugs evaporation condensed crystallization.


MVR Evaporator Detailed information introduction:

 First of all, in use, the MVR evaporator does not require steam evaporation, pure with the recovery of two times steam preheating and mechanical compression can maintain normal evaporation. Secondly, in the evaporation process, also do not need to set the condensation system, do not need cooling water to cool two times steam.


At the same time also can achieve low-temperature evaporation, so MVR evaporator can be used for heat-sensitive material enrichment.


Third, the entire evaporation process consumes very little energy, it is understood that the use of MVR evaporator evaporation per ton of water requires at least 30KW of electrical energy consumption, the total efficiency of the equivalent of 20 evaporator. From the above introduction can be seen, for users, the MVR evaporator not only good evaporation effect, but also very obvious energy efficiency.


MVR evaporator can not only reduce operating costs, but also greatly improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, with good social and environmental benefits.