Application scope, performance characteristics and precautions of double stirred reactor

- Apr 02, 2018-

Double stirred reaction kettle has two kinds of stirring function at the same time, in the practical application, this equipment has the very good adaptability to the medium high viscosity and the contact deformation material.


At the same time by virtue of the ability to stir and disperse, double stirred reaction kettle in the market has been very good response, widely praised by customers!


The application scope of double stirred reactor:


The double stirred reaction kettle can be used for mixing, dissolving, dispersing and adjusting paint of various materials, and has good adaptability, which belongs to an ideal mixing equipment.


Performance characteristics of double stirred reactor:

First of all, the double stirred reaction kettle is specially equipped with a very advanced frequency conversion speed control equipment, which can meet the needs of different process requirements, at the same time the controller can not only monitor the operation of the whole equipment, but also can clearly show the equipment reaction temperature and stirring speed and other data.

Second, the double stirred reactor can also be based on the requirements of the process of heating and cooling materials, heating mode can be fully based on the actual needs, such as the use of steam and electric heating and so on. Third, the mixing of the double stirred reaction kettle can be used in a variety of ways, but also can fully meet the actual reaction stirring needs.

The equipment can also be equipped with a bottom-mounted split head or a pipeline emulsifying head, which can quickly decompose and react to materials. Four, the double stirred reaction kettle after polishing treatment, the use of good results, can fully adapt to the viscous material response needs.


At the same time, the equipment can also be equipped with vacuum pumps, can be used for suction bubble.


Notice of the use of double stirred reaction kettle:

First, in the use of the reaction of the two stirred reaction kettle, strict in accordance with the equipment can be stirred effective volume to add, strictly prohibit the use of overload, to prevent burnout of motor or damage reducer and other parts. Second, if the double stirred reaction kettle is not used for a long time, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, dried and placed in a suitable position.