Application range and main characteristics of double cone vacuum dryer

- Mar 23, 2018-

Double cone vacuum dryer in the domestic similar products, in the technical aspects belonging to a new generation of drying device, is a mixture, drying in one of the New-type dryer. Double cone vacuum dryer is the condenser, vacuum pump and dryer matching, composed of vacuum drying device.


If you do not need to recycle solvent, you can not use the condenser. From the design aspect to analyze, the double cone vacuum dryer Overall structure design is advanced reasonable, the internal structure is simple, easy to clean, the material is complete, the operation is simple, can reduce the labor intensity, improves the work environment.


At the same time, because the container when the machine rotation material also flip, and the wall does not accumulate material, so the heat transfer coefficient is high, drying rate is big, not only save energy, and material dry evenly full, good quality. Because of this, the application of double cone vacuum dryer is more and more extensive.


The equipment is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries for the following materials drying: 1, the recovery of residual volatile materials, 2, the recovery of dry steam discharged materials, 3, strong stimulation, toxic materials, 4, can not withstand high-temperature materials, 5, easy to oxidize the material, 6, the crystal is not allowed to damage the material.


The main characteristics of double cone vacuum dryer are introduced: In the process of making use of double cone vacuum dryer, the low-temperature fast drying and powder mixing were realized. Coupled with a special process design, the equipment uses reliable mechanical seals, smooth operation.


At the same time in the application, the heating surface of the material can be updated with the continuous rotation of the tank. In addition, because the double cone vacuum dryer is the form of indirect heating, it can avoid contamination between materials. Moreover, the heat effect is high, more than twice times higher than the general oven. Users in the operation of the double cone vacuum dryer, mainly for the thermostat control, temperature by digital display instrument.