Application of MVR Evaporator in Concentration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

- Apr 28, 2018-

The MVR evaporator itself has many advantages and can be used in different work situations. At the same time MVR evaporators also play a significant role in the production of important concentrates. We know that the concentration process is an indispensable link in the production of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.


In the current enrichment process, the MVR evaporator gradually replaces the traditional single-effect, double-effect, or triple-effect concentrators with their own advanced performance. After using the equipment, not only can the entire production energy consumption be greatly reduced, but also the thermal efficiency can be significantly improved and the cost can be saved.


It should be noted that when using the MVR evaporator to concentrate herbal extracts, certain prerequisites must also be met. First of all, there is a certain requirement for the specific gravity and viscosity of Chinese herbal extracts! Second, we must pay attention to the requirements of the volume of Chinese herbal extracts. The evaporator that is usually selected should handle more than six times the total amount of extract.


Then, what are the characteristics of this MVR evaporator at the time of production and processing? In fact, in the process of processing, the equipment has the advantages of short liquid material residence time, low pressure drop, large heat transfer coefficient, high steam utilization rate, low fouling resistance, easy cleaning, and wide material and liquid treatment range.


In addition, it should be taken into consideration that, although the performance of the MVR evaporator itself is excellent, the physical characteristics of the extract of the Chinese medicine must also be taken into consideration when a certain relative gravity is to be achieved during the concentration process.


In combination with the analysis above, to achieve the desired treatment effect, it is necessary to organically combine the physical characteristics of the MVR evaporator and the Chinese herbal extract. In addition, choosing the appropriate temperature for concentration by MVR evaporator is related to the relative proportion of the loss of active ingredients in the extract and the concentration achieved.